How to Have a Luxury Stay in Hong Kong

As far as luxury travel goes, one of the coolest places to enjoy a luxury trip away in the city is without question Hong Kong. This neon cityscape is not only a great place to visit but also offers tourists who are looking for that little bit of luxury, the opportunity to indulge themselves in plenty of it in the Asian destination.

I went to Hong Kong last year for a 4 day break during my journey to Australia and decided that I would take things up a notch from my backpacking experience in Asia last year. If you are looking for a little touch of luxury and Hong Kong interests you then here is what you should do to ensure that your Hong Kong visit is draped in the good life.


Getting There

If money is no object then a business or first class flight would naturally be recommended for your trip to Hong Kong but these days even premium economy can offer tourists a very comfortable way to travel long-haul. Once you get to the airport I would recommend that you book a private, chauffeur driven limo to roll you into Hong Kong in style.


If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Hong Kong then you are going to spoiled for choice as there are a great many 5 star hotels at your disposal. We managed to get a great rate on a room at the Ritz Carlton, the tallest hotel in the World and whilst our budget couldn’t quite stretch to the penthouse, our 42nd floor room was absolutely beautiful and offered outstanding views across the city.


Unlike many cities, you will find the finest food in Hong Kong, or at least the most luxurious, based inside of the hotels. The Intercontinental hotel actually has 3 restaurants under its roof which all have Michelin Stars to their name and the Four Seasons hotel has 2 restaurants which both have been awarded Michelin Stars as well. Let it be said that there is some outstanding food which can be found on the streets of Hong Kong but if you want an upscale dining experience then head to the city’s hotels.

Get Pampered

Hong Kong has a huge amount of spa facilities available and once again, many of these are based within the hotels. If you want to add a special touch to your break in Hong Kong then why not get booked in for a full day spa, leaving your refreshed, reinvigorated and renewed. The best in my opinion, of those that I have tried is the Oriental Spa at the Landmark Mandarin Hotel, traditional Asian treatments in a beautiful and calming setting.

Head Up To The Peak

There may be no luxury version of the journey but the view from on top of the hill across Hong Kong is simply breathtaking and should not be missed. In order to get to the Peak you will take the World’s oldest tram to the top, an adventurous experience for sure but you will be rewarded for your bravery once you reach the top.