Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Sell More Cars

As a car salesperson, you can’t just rely on the marketing your dealership does to bring in traffic. If you want to become a star seller, you need to put your own time, sweat, and energy into marketing your personal brand. Once customers start coming specifically to you, you’ll know you’re doing it right. Try out these marketing strategies to build your personal brand and reputation.

Generate Useful Content

You’re an expert on car buying and you should be using that knowledge and expertise to help your customers. Search engine optimized blog posts, videos, snail mail, and newsletters should all be part of your combined marketing efforts. Blog posts and videos will help generate leads, while snail mail and newsletters targeted to past customers should focus on service and generating repeat business, so tailor your content appropriately. Blog posts can feature advice about choosing a car, how to get financing, or insurance options.

Video is an extremely effective tool for getting your personal brand out in the world. Start a YouTube channel providing car buying, financing, and maintenance advice. Cover topical issues, review new models on your lot, and provide useful information.

Write for the Local Paper

Does your dealership’s neighborhood have a local community paper or even a blog focused on the community? Start writing a column. Many of these publications like hosting columns from local business owners, and it provides you with credibility. The audience may not be as wide as some of your other marketing efforts, but it builds trust and name recognition within your local community.

Use Dealer Chat Software

If your dealership doesn’t have dealer chat software, get on their case now. Dealer chat software connects your dealership to car buyers when they’re online and trying to decide what kind of car they want.

If they’re already using a dealer chat software, you had better be making the most of it. Dealer chat software such as Gubagoo doesn’t just put a live chat window on the dealership website. It allows sales personnel to get involved in live chats that are otherwise managed by call center operators through an app. Keep your eye on dealer chats and get involved in the conversation. You can even take online customers on a virtual tour through live video integration.

It’s time to learn about dealer chat software if your dealership isn’t already using it.

Encourage Personal Reviews

Every business now gets ranked and reviewed online. After you finish a successful deal where the customer walks away happy, encourage them to leave a review of the dealership and name you personally. When car buyers check out your dealership to find out if it’s a good place to buy a car, they will see your name and even seek you out themselves. Word-of-mouth advertising is online and everywhere.

These strategies won’t work for just anyone who sells cars. Before you implement these strategies, you may need to change your attitude to your job. If you aren’t looking past the sale with the biggest commission, your customers won’t be happy. Stop thinking about the sale and start thinking about the business. Listen to what your customers want and genuinely help them through the decision process. Happy customers mean great reviews, repeat business, and more inbound leads headed straight to you.