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Fun activities to do in Costa Brava, Spain


With resorts in Spain largely asleep as the chilly winds of winter make swimming a pursuit for the brave throughout all of its key areas, the time to plan your getaway for the upcoming summer is now. Most of your peers are busy cosying up by the fire, while countless cheap hotels in Costa Brava are waiting for early birds to scoop up the best deals of the ensuing season. Should you decide to take advantage of these low prices, the next question becomes, “what fun activities to do in Costa Brava will make my summer holiday worthwhile?”. In the…

Touring Rio State on 4 Wheels


There are many sites well worth seeing in Rio de Janeiro, as it is one of the world’s alpha cities, with the World Cup and forthcoming Olympics cementing that reputation. However, Brazil is a massive country, and with the frenetic pace of the Rio city, you might find yourself getting worn down within a matter of days. When this occurs, it might be time to pack your things, rent a car and head out into the countryside that stretches outside the Rio metro area. While motoring around on your own is easily doable, be sure to consult those that know…

5 Great European Countries for an Overland Trip


Europe will always be a dream destination for any overland traveler. After all, it is a kaleidoscopic destination made up of a variety of countries drenched in culture, food, and history. But with so many beautiful countries to choose from, how do you pick the best ones to take an overland trip? Well, thankfully, we have come up with a list of 5 of great European countries for an overland trip. France Truly admired for its beauty and adversity, France is a perfect getaway for solo or couple backpackers. Of course, who would miss out the famous Eiffel Tower in…