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How to Have a Luxury Stay in Hong Kong


As far as luxury travel goes, one of the coolest places to enjoy a luxury trip away in the city is without question Hong Kong. This neon cityscape is not only a great place to visit but also offers tourists who are looking for that little bit of luxury, the opportunity to indulge themselves in plenty of it in the Asian destination. I went to Hong Kong last year for a 4 day break during my journey to Australia and decided that I would take things up a notch from my backpacking experience in Asia last year. If you are looking…

How to Traverse Europe on a Motorbike


Going on a trip in a motorbike across Europe may sound like a dangerous expedition, but it can also be a fun and unforgettable travel experience. After all, it offers you a blissful one-of-kind adventure that only a few travelers try to make. But, without the right preparations, a motorbike tour, wherever it may be, can end up to be one exhausting ride that you would not want to do again. What’s more, it may lead to a few bruises, scratches and injuries, so make sure you have the right travel insurance policy (try a specialist like this). So, to…