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What to Pack When You Travel

Travel Packing

Everyone loves to travel expect the moment you realize that you forgot to pack something. Instead of trying to pack light, try to pack smart instead. According to a traveling article, the items on the top of your packing list should be those that will provide you with convenience and comfort. Think of packing items that will serve more than one purpose. If the item is necessary for your trip than take it, if it is so, then leave it behind. How many bags you take depends on how many people you have with you. If you are traveling solo…

How to Have a Luxury Stay in Hong Kong


As far as luxury travel goes, one of the coolest places to enjoy a luxury trip away in the city is without question Hong Kong. This neon cityscape is not only a great place to visit but also offers tourists who are looking for that little bit of luxury, the opportunity to indulge themselves in plenty of it in the Asian destination. I went to Hong Kong last year for a 4 day break during my journey to Australia and decided that I would take things up a notch from my backpacking experience in Asia last year. If you are looking…

Touring Rio State on 4 Wheels


There are many sites well worth seeing in Rio de Janeiro, as it is one of the world’s alpha cities, with the World Cup and forthcoming Olympics cementing that reputation. However, Brazil is a massive country, and with the frenetic pace of the Rio city, you might find yourself getting worn down within a matter of days. When this occurs, it might be time to pack your things, rent a car and head out into the countryside that stretches outside the Rio metro area. While motoring around on your own is easily doable, be sure to consult those that know…