What To Do With Travel Photos

I just completed a 3 month trip around the Australia and my computer is now in possession of more than 3200 photos. These are lovely and wonderful memories that would last a lifetime and I cannot wait to show them to my friends, my family and most importantly my kids in future. However, I have a slight problem. I am not certain of the best way to present them. I decided to do some research on how to display these photos to keep their memories alive. It is in that respect come up with 5 creative tips on what to do with your travel photos once you get home. Maybe some of these tips will be resourceful to you.

  1. Printed photo book

One of the best ways to keep all photos and stories is to create your own. An individual printed photo book will make this possible. I once saw this at a friend’s house and they were absolutely amazing. Try to keep the photo book with a neutral background with some piece of journaling about your trip. This is going to make your piece feel timeless and instil it with personal detail. One of the things I like about photo books is the fact that they are easy to store and you can definitely make copies as keepsakes for the friends you travelled with.


Image courtesy of Tripbase.com

  1. Print and frame your favourite

There are times you are lazed and you do not want to deal with the entire stack. What you should do in such a case is pick out your favourite from the collection and put them on display. This will bring you back to a treasured place and time at a glance. Secondly, you need to choose the place you are going to hang the photo as well as the frame before you go to print it. This will help you determine the size of the print and you will be ready to get the photo up there once you are home. Framing is not always necessary, often canvas printing services will send it to you gallery bound on a wooden frame which is ready to hang.


  • Create a wall of shame

Everyone has those pictures that they definitely didn’t like or they were caught completely unaware or in awkward states. I think this should be most exciting part when it comes to deciding what to do with your travel photos. Look for the worst pictures from the trip and use them to create a wall of shame. You can either do this using Adobe Photoshop or you can print out the pictures and put them together in a collage. It is always fun looking at the photos on the wall of shame.

  1. Put together a slideshow

If you are well versed with creating a slideshow with video clips, photos and soundtrack then why not. However since sometimes this can turn out to be technical for some of us, even a simple slideshow of photos with some captions can translate your travel photos into a consumable form like an edited story that you are trying to say. You can also have a virtual album of your trip and watch it on a big screen or send it to your grandparents.

  1. Make a mini album

If you enjoy looking back on memories from your travels a scrapbook-style album might just be the item for you. A pocket scrap-booking system blends with artsy aspects of traditional scrap-booking with an efficient approach that limits you to a 6 by 4 or 3 by 5 photos.