3 Reasons Why a Luxury SUV is the Perfect Winter Vehicle

With the excitement of the holidays over and the long months of winter stretching ahead, many who live in Canada or the Northern United States are preparing themselves for the dark nights, icy roads, and unreliable weather conditions that are omnipresent throughout from the beginning of the year into March.

Many drivers will likely discover that the ten-year old car that held up fine through the summer and autumn is faring much more poorly with the road salt and rapidly changing temperatures of January, and will start to think about whether or not the time has come to upgrade to a more reliable vehicle.

If you’re thinking about getting a new car this winter, here are three reasons to consider really making an upgrade by getting a brand-new luxury SUV.

1. Superior Engineering

The first reason to consider purchasing a luxury SUV this winter is also the most basic: a luxury SUVs is simply a better, more reliable vehicle. For example, if you take a brand new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus for test drive at your local Lincoln dealership one of the first things you will note is its overall strong driving compared to a comparable Ford SUV.

Shoppers expect a luxury SUV to offer more than just good looks, which is why companies like Lincoln invest heavily in making sure that their vehicles handle well and are engineered to deliver a premium driving experience.

2. First-Rate Features

Drivers who haven’t spent much time behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle may be surprised by the quality of the driving experience, but they are likely to be blown away by the range of new tech features that come standard with most new luxury SUVs.

Not only do luxury vehicles offer a range of cutting-edge tools like phone-as-a-key, Apple Play, and seamless infotainment, they also come loaded with the latest safety features, including blind spot warning, a 360 degree camera, and active park assist. With a luxury SUV, you’ll have everything you need to brave the harsh winter roads confident in your vehicle’s ability to keep you safe.

3. True Comfort

While everyone wants an SUV that drives well and can get them where they are going safely, the luxury features of vehicles like the Lincoln MKC really do set it apart from the crowd. From simple touches like the plush front seats, quiet cabin, and adaptive suspension to the wood trim and light, roomy cabin feel, a luxury SUV makes it a whole lot easier to handle bad traffic and cold mornings.

Buying a new car is always a big decision, and if you are going to be spending the money, it makes sense to purchase a model that will give you good value — and which will continue to give you good value for years to come.

Many drivers who have never experienced the superior engineering, luxe features, and premium comfort of a luxury SUV may wonder whether or not such a car is worth the extra expense. If you want to know for yourself whether or not you should make your next vehicle a luxury SUV, head down to your local dealership to test-drive one yourself. Chances are, your mind will be changed before you get out of the parking lot.