First visit to Italy

Undoubtedly Italy is the most enticing country of Europe for its authentic cuisine, unique architecture and art as well as stunning scenery. If you come to this country for a vacation, you can really start feeling overwhelmed with all the opportunities you have here. And if it is your first visit you may be confused of what to see and do. Whatever plan you may have in mind we highly advise you to hire a private driver and guide or a driver/ guide to get maximum pleasure and fun from you trip to Italy. Keep in mind that some Italian chauffeur companies help their clients with designing the perfect routes providing competent travel consulting. For example, you can book a tailor-made tour or transportation service with such free information support on this website:  And now let us start planning!

“Pearls” of Italian cities

If you came to Italy for a short period you must visit great Venice, elegant Florence and glorious Rome. We would advise exactly this sequence to gradually increase the amount of admiration you are going to develop to Italy.


Plan to spend a few days in Venice to enjoy the uniqueness of this very unusual city. Hire a gondola or take a water bus to go along the Grand Canal to start your adventure. Then go for a tour to the Palazzo Ducale, a real masterpiece of Venetian architecture. Basilica di San Marco literally full of treasures should be your next destination point. Save some time for local shopping.  But be careful in the stores that sell the Murano Glass souvenirs. Some of the places are so tiny that a clumsy motion can cost you a fortune!

Florence and Chianti

Founded by Julius Caesar in 59 BC  Fluentia, that was the original name of Florence (or Firenze in Italian) at that time was just a settlement for the Roman veteran soldiers. But soon this “military camp” grew into an important commercial center thanks to its favorable geographical position. These days Florence organically combines the Roman heritage, the sophisticated elegance gifted to it by Renaissance and the modern lifestyle. Open-air museum Piazza della Signoria, world-famous cathedral with its dome, and of course the Uffizi Gallery ( ) literally packed with masterpieces of Italian art should undoubtedly be visited while in Florence. Don’t miss an opportunity to go for a wine-tour in Chianti Classico wine region known as probably the most beautiful countryside in the world. We believe that Florence deserves at least three days of your attention and admiration.

Siena and San Gimignano

If you stay in Florence, you have a great opportunity to go for a day trip to perfectly preserved medieval Siena and the town of towers San Gimignano. We wouldn’t recommend people with limited mobility coming here because of the hilly landscape in both places. But if you are ready to walk a lot, it can be an unforgettable experience for you.


The Eternal city of Rome that is also called “Caput Mundi” which means “the capital of the world” in our opinion should be the last destination point of your Italian vacation. Why? Probably, because there are not so many places on this planet that can impress you more than Rome. Being one of the oldest continuously occupied European cities Rome has an incredible history and glory. Rome was built to exist forever, and you will see it visiting its spectacular Colosseum, Pantheon and the ruins of the Palatino. The outstanding Vatican Museum and St Peter’s basilica shouldn’t be missed as well.

If the duration of your stay allows you visiting more places, then there are lots of other attractions Italy can offer you!  Extraordinary Naples, “frozen” in time Pompeii, picturesque Amalfi coast, stylish Milan, colorful Cinque Terre and not only will give you so much of positive emotions and beautiful memories of your Italian adventure!