Can You Use a Credit Card to Save More on Gas?

Gas is one of the spending categories that you probably don’t think about too much. It’s common for people to know that they spend a decent amount of their money on gas, but if you don’t have an actual budget, you might not realize that it’s a lot. Interestingly, a credit card may actually be a good way for you to save more on your gas purchases. Here are a few of the things you’ll want to look for if you’re trying to find the best gas credit card.

Better Rewards at Gas Stations

First of all, you’re probably going to want to look for better rewards percentages at gas stations. When your credit card offers rewards on purchases, you may find that certain categories of purchase offer better rewards. Gas stations may be one of those categories. When you find a credit card that gives you better cashback percentages on gas, you’ll be able to use that credit card to get better discounts on your monthly gas bills.

Partnered Rewards With Specific Companies

Sometimes, a credit card may give you especially great gas benefits at a specific gas station chain. If a credit card has partnered with a specific brand of gas station, you might want to go for it if it’s the type of gas station that you tend to like. If a specific card is especially good and you don’t currently have a gas station preference, you may even just start using a specific gas station because of the benefits.

Rewards for General Household Spending

Most of the time, a credit card is not just going to be for gas. You’ll typically be finding a general rewards credit card that also gives you benefits that you can use for gas. That means you’ll want to look at the overall rewards that you can get for general household spending. Look at the rewards rate you’ll get on grocery purchases and any other purchases you make regularly. Grocery purchases especially may be able to give you a pretty decent boost.

Sign-On Bonuses

Many credit cards nowadays offer sign-on bonuses as a way to encourage people to sign up for a specific credit card. If you’re interested in getting a sign-on bonus, make sure you’re looking for a bonus that is big enough to make it worth your while, but also has a requirement that’s small enough for you to reach with normal household spending. That way, you’ll get the most out of your bonus.


A credit card may actually be a great way to save more on gas. Normal household expenses, like gas and groceries, are the perfect candidates for purchases that you can put onto a credit card and save some extra money. If you want to save more money on your gas purchases, especially if you drive so often that gas is a significant part of your monthly budget, these four things can help you find a good gas credit card.