What Good Drivers Do to Avoid Car Accidents

The chances are that if you drive for any length of time in the US that you will get into a car accident. It may not be your fault, in fact you might be doing everything perfectly on the road, but someone will run into you or you might simply not be paying good enough attention to the road and an accident happens. These are just the odds when driving, but most people will get into multiple accidents and  few drivers will not get in any.

There are nearly ten million vehicle accidents in the US each year. They range from fender benders to multi-car pileups on the highways. Most are not very bad and only cause slight damage and injuries but automobile accidents cause millions of serious injuries and about 33,000 fatalities each year in the US. Even though most accidents won’t be deadly, they will be costly. In fact, the average insurance claim for injuries to cover both the insured driver and others involved in a car accident in the US is now more than $25,000 per accident and rising fast. When there is a lawsuit because of a car accident, plaintiffs hire reputable car accident lawyers like the Benenati Law Firm to represent them if the accident occurs in the state of Florida

The reality is however that there are some better drivers who have techniques to help them avoid getting into car accidents. Some things are common sense and others are learned behaviors. Here is a short list to help you avoid traffic accidents.

Avoid Driving on Weekends Between Midnight and 3AM

The leading causes of vehicle accidents in the United States are from impaired driving and distracted driving. During weekend nights, more people are driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and this increases the chances of you getting into a car accident. Similarly is people going out to enjoy themselves, there are more people in automobile and per automobile, and as a result there are a lot more distracted drivers on the road. This causes many more traffic accidents between midnight and 3 a.m. On weekends. Good drivers avoid driving during these times. If you must be out on the road, take public transportation.

Don’t Speed

Speed limits are posted for good reason. The rain is to keep drivers driving at a safe speed on the roads and they take into account road conditions, weather conditions, and be likely ability of all drivers on the road. You might be a great driver, but that does not mean that every driver is, and if you were speeding, you might cause an accident by someone who is not a good driver.  Good drivers obey the speed limit laws and understand that this contribute greatly to their avoiding a traffic accident.

Never Drive Impaired

Not only does taking drugs and alcohol impair your ability to drive safely, they can also give you the confidence that you can drive an automobile safely.  Because of these two factors, impaired drivers are the number one group in terms of causing traffic accidents.  Impaired drivers have slow reflexes, poor hand eye coordination, limited sight, and bad depth perception. This combination of factors often leads to terrible car accidents. If you have been drinking at all or are on illegal drugs or heavy prescription drugs, do not drive an automobile. Turn the keys over to someone who has not been driving, or call an Uber to take you home.

As a final note, never text and drive. These safe driving tips will help you to avoid many auto accidents.