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Best road trip routes in the USA


America has long been a country where the car has reigned supreme, which isn’t entirely surprising considering its size. As the world’s 3rd largest country by land area, long distances between towns and cities have led to people favoring this mode transportation over trains or other forms of mass transit, in addition to the strong streak of individualism and desire for personal freedom among citizens here. Given the diversity of landscapes throughout the USA, basing a vacation around long drives has long been a popular option for folks that live here, and for those from outside the country, renting a…

Best motorcycle trips in Canada


Looking for one last great adventure before putting hog back in the garage for the winter? Those that possess a free spirit and an appreciation for the outdoors will love the highways and byways of Canada, our overly polite brother to the north. With abundant mountain and seascapes, and long lonely roads connecting many of its spread out population centers, those seeking some alone time with some of the most impressive scenes that nature has to offer will find it up here. You’ll need to act fast though, as they don’t call our Canadian friends the Great White North for…