When Will International Travel Reopen?

Beyond the health risks which it has created, this Covid-19 pandemic and the necessary reactions to it, has completely altered our lives, and not for the better. One particular logistical side-effect of this virus has been that intentional travel is all but impossible for Aussies. It is not so much the getting away which is difficult, although that brings its own challenges, but also getting back. Anyone coming back into the country still has to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks under enforced quarantine, which we also have to pay for.

It is fair to say then, that international travel, even for businesses, is well off the cards. Whilst we cannot do this, and we have no idea when we’ll be able to again, you can make sure that you are properly planned for when the gates open again.

Passport Preparation

Under normal circumstances we know when our passports expire, because we use them with such frequency. Given that so few of us travelled over the last year and a half, it may be that you have forgotten when it expires, or it may have expired already. Firstly you need to dig that passport out and ensure that it is in date. If it has expired then get the application for a new one online, check out ‘passport photos near me’ on the search engine, and get someone out to take those pics.

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Picking Your Location

Whilst there is no telling what the future looks like, there are many countries around the world which are considered as safe places to travel to and which have handled the virus very well. These are going to be great places to target regarding where you go for your break, and drawing up a shortlist is the best way to get yourself prepared. Take a look at average flight prices, check out local attractions and most importantly pay attention to their current rules and regulations around the virus. Many countries take a more liberal approach than others regarding self-isolation, which is a great indicator that they could be a good spot for you to go.

Vaccination Plans

It is important to remember that no matter when things do eventually reopen, it is highly likely that you will have to ensure that you have been vaccinated, and that you have proof of the vaccinations which you have had. Something which we do expect in the future is many countries which will require you to be vaccinated in order to enter. Given that the vaccinations are 2 doses, which are taken weeks or months apart, this won’t’ be something that you’ll be able to do last minute. Get ahead of this and make sure that you are fully vaccinated well ahead of time.

These are the tasks which you can be doing now, ahead of your future trips abroad. We may not know when things will reopen, but they will at some point, so be sure that you are ready.