Does GPS Tracking Require a Data Plan?

If you are running a fleet of vehicles which is heavily dependent on GPS then a data plan makes the most sense for keeping everything going. Most companies with logistics or which do manage a large fleet of vehicles cannot do without GPS tracking on their vans and cars. There are simply too many benefits which you can enjoy with GPS that will help the business to run better and which will give your customers the best service.

In order for that GPS fleet tracking to work to the best of its ability, a data plan will be the smartest move.

What GPS Tracking Gives Us

At the very basic level GPS tracking software enables us to monitor our vehicles on the road. This also gives drivers access to the fastest routes between two points, which helps to speed up delivery and can also save on fuel consumption. Beyond this GPS tracking software relays a wealth of information back to the office, about the way in which the vehicle is being driven. This provides us with high quality data which we can use to better manage our drivers.

Working Offline

GPS can in fact operate offline, and help our drivers to chart a course between two points, and still give the management the chance to track the driver’s movements. In order for this to work however, the map must be preloaded in the application whilst connected to data or to Wi-Fi. This may be possible but in reality it is a dangerous solution as if the application gets closed, there will be no chance to once again connect, until Wi-Fi or data is found again.

Using Pay As You Go

A data plan isn’t always necessary and you could easily do this on a pay as you go basis. This could work potentially for those businesses which occasionally send a car or vehicle out on the road. If however you have fleet tracking software which is looking after a large number of vehicles which are on the road a lot, this makes no sense. Ultimately doing it on this basis is going to cost you far too much money each and every day. Pay as you go is designed for those who don’t require a lot of data.

Bundles and Promotions

When you invest in a data plan for your business, you can get your hands on some great bundle promotions which make it very low cost indeed. Beyond everything else a data plan gives you the peace of mind that your drivers will be looked after on the road at all times, with no risk of running out of data for their GPS tracker. From a business point of view you can be confident that for a single cost you are fully connected all of the time, which can also help with finance management.

If you do have GPS fleet tracking, a data plan is critical to ensuring that your business is able to get the most out of it.