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Touring Rio State on 4 Wheels


There are many sites well worth seeing in Rio de Janeiro, as it is one of the world’s alpha cities, with the World Cup and forthcoming Olympics cementing that reputation. However, Brazil is a massive country, and with the frenetic pace of the Rio city, you might find yourself getting worn down within a matter of days. When this occurs, it might be time to pack your things, rent a car and head out into the countryside that stretches outside the Rio metro area. While motoring around on your own is easily doable, be sure to consult those that know…

The World’s Best Overland Journeys


TREKKING THROUGH THE HIMALAYAS The Himalayas in Asia comprises of a series of mountain ranges and the highest peaks in the world. This gigantic range of mountain is over 40 million years old and stretches across several countries including Pakistan, China, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The Himalayas offers a series of challenging trails that form the longest overland walking trails in the world. Trekking the Himalayas gives you an opportunity to explore some of the most scenic regions in the world, visit Buddhist villages and shrines, traverse through jungles and witness Asia’s most breathtaking wildlife. Travel with a specialist…

3 of the coolest car races in the world


While many are amused by watching the best professional drivers in the world circuit a predictable track for hours on end (and they swear they aren’t watching just for the crashes), others desire a motorsports experience that is more hands-on and real. While professional racing is all about avoiding making mistakes and hanging in there until your opponents make one themselves, the coolest car races in the world rely on a much more diverse skill set, and in many cases, those that have the gumption to take the following challenges on will gain in untold memories and personal growth experiences.…