Why you should visit Cyprus in 2015

Why you should visit Cyprus? Water like this should your 1st reason...

Many destinations are famous for some specific activity or location that attracts the tourists – be it the night life, a nice beach, local culture or sightseeing. Then again, there are some destinations that offer excellent options for all of the above. One of them is Cyprus.

Cyprus, the third biggest island in the entire Mare Nostrum, provides a rich experience to the visitor seeking finest parts of Europe. Although an important cultural hotspot for millennia, the natural beauty of both mainland and sea shore will keep you out of its museums, running after its numerous memorable vistas. Choosing among its many mesmerizing beaches can be tricky: the term sandy beach rarely means so many different things as in Cyprus. There are the eastern popular, highly organized and well equipped beaches, but also the western secluded, primitive smaller ones, waiting to welcome you and your company alone If they all have one thing in common, its the clear colored waters and the visual satisfaction of the visitor.

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Mountain Troodos at the core of the island offers many outdoor options. A walk at the Atalante circular can be a refreshing alternative in the hot humid summer, as it is located at an altitude of 1750m and runs through awe-inspiring forests. One of its magnificent features is an 800-year-old wild cypress tree! Another visual treat might be the encounter with a Cypriot moufflon called locally Agrinó, a wild sheep considered to be the ancestor of all sheep breeds.

The legend has it that Aphrodite, ancient Greek goddess of beauty and fertility emerged from the gurgling waters at a sea shore near Paphos. The spot is known as Aphrodites Rock and attracts many visitors, who have their picture taken in an attempt to justify their great looks! Regardless of such efforts, the view of the sunset from this westward location is undeniably breathtaking.

Ayia Napa is one noteworthy destination for night hawks. The place is famous for the great number of bars and dance clubs, as well as for the people and the artists that populate them.

So why you should visit Cyprus? If the above isnt already enough to convince you, the local history and culture will give you plenty of additional options, while traditional and haute cuisine may complete your unique experience. So check our offers for your dream stay in this ultimate summer destination.

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George is staying in Cyprus for the last 10 years working as a consultant for Cyprus Prime Properties. He enjoys his time in the island but mostly he enjoys helping families finding new homes.