An Epic Motorcycle Road Trip in England

The countryside of North Yorkshire should be part of any motorcycle road trip in England ... photo by CC user Richard Slessor on

This year, you have decided to head across the pond to head out on that epic motorcycle road trip in England that you have long dreamed about. What should you include in your itinerary? The following suggestions will ensure that this trip is as amazing that you have made it to be in your mind.

North Yorkshire: rolling moors and charming countryside

Heading north from London, there are many natural sights that will stand out to you as urban areas give way to the English countryside, but no place accentuates this subtle beauty than the moors and farmland of North Yorkshire.

From castles to wild, windy coast, flower-filled moors to soaring limestone cliffs, this portion of England will have you falling hard for this country, as this sort of scenery is unexpected for those that aren’t intimately familiar with this portion of the world.

Lake District: England’s highest peaks made perfect by placid lakes

If the rolling hills of North Yorkshire don’t do much for you, the topography of England’s landscape takes a dramatic turn once you enter the Lake District.

It is here where this country’s highest peaks can be found, and with the same old charming farm scenery and jewel like lakes filling the valleys that sit beneath these 3,000 foot peaks, it will be a segment of your journey that you won’t be able to forget through the remainder of your life.

For those seeking the very best scenery, be sure to travel during September and October, when the hills are ablaze in the colors of Autumn.

Urban England outside of London: Liverpool and Manchester

On the return circuit south, be sure to pass through some of England’s best cities outside of Greater London – Liverpool and Manchester. Liverpool is famous for being the home of The Beatles, which has been one of the world’s most popular and successful music groups, and it also has the most successful football (soccer) clubs in English football (Liverpool FC).

In modern times, Manchester’s two teams (Manchester City and Man United) have enjoyed more success, and also have fervent followings. Both centres are filled with architectural and cultural highlights as well, so don’t feel bad about lingering in either center.

End your epic trip in London in proper fashion

Eventually, your journey will end with you rolling back into London. The pubs and bars of this metropolis present many opportunities to meet some hot chicks, but should your efforts come up short, be sure to check out some London escorts before you leave, as these agreeable gals make it their priority to ensure that your needs will be taken care of before you head home to your daily grind.