Ideal surfing destinations around the world

At surfing destinations around the world, you'll find guys like this one gettin' some!

Surfing is a pastime enjoyed by many around the world, but where do people go to find the best waves? There are numerous locations ideal for surfing, but the quality of the waves is what sets some surfing spots apart. In this article, we will find out just where the most ideal surfing destinations around the world are.

Anglet in Southwestern France

Found in Anglet, France, this surfing spot benefits from strong offshore winds creating high and frequent waves. Flanked by two rocky outcrops, surfers can swim into the perfect position at the right channel. To reach this location, it’s best to hire a car and take out insurance for car hire for added protection.

Tofino District on Vancouver Island

A popular destination for surfers in Canada is the district of Tofino on Vancouver Island. With various surfing schools in the area, this location is ideal for a range of abilities and provides the perfect backdrop with a rainforest close by. The weather is not too cold here, but it’s advisable to bring a wet suit.

Watergate Bay in Cornwall

Watergate Bay offers a quieter alternative to the crowded Fistral Bay in Cornwall. Surfers can still take advantage of waves reaching 3 metres on a good day from the western swell, and there are various eateries within reach during down times. When not taking to the waves in the summer, you can relax on the beach and top up your tan.

Fly to Rincon in Puerto Rico

Rincon in Puerto Rico is famous among enthusiasts for its ideal surfing conditions and has held numerous competitions over the years, including the 1968 surfing championships. Rincon can be reached by flight and then car, with San Juan being an ideal flight destination.

Ecuador’s Montanita Beach

A little-known place to catch some excellent waves is Montanita Beach in Ecuador. This West Coast region of Ecuador is home to a small community of some 1,000 locals who are known to provide a friendly welcome to surfers. Despite its quiet, remote atmosphere, you can still find bars and food at this tranquil location.

Southern China

A surprising addition is Hainan in China, a country not known for its plentiful surfing opportunities. However, the island of Hainan in the south of country offers a relatively untouched surfing destination where areas including Riyuewan Bay provide plenty of waves.


Moving on to the Middle East, there is much to be discovered here in terms of surfing opportunities. However, Oman is already well-known for its stretches of coast along the Indian Ocean that provide wide breaks for many surfers. Surprisingly, the climate is relatively forgiving here with temperatures averaging around 30°C to 25°C.


Last but not least, in northeast Fiji the Samoan Islands offer some of the best surfing conditions in the world. Throughout the year, there are consistent swells for surfers to enjoy but mid-spring to late autumn is when the best action takes place as the glaciers in Antarctica crash into the sea.