5 Great European Countries for an Overland Trip

Featuring Love Lock Bridge in Paris, France is one of the better European countries for an overland trip ... photo by CC user archer10 on Flickr

Europe will always be a dream destination for any overland traveler. After all, it is a kaleidoscopic destination made up of a variety of countries drenched in culture, food, and history. But with so many beautiful countries to choose from, how do you pick the best ones to take an overland trip? Well, thankfully, we have come up with a list of 5 of great European countries for an overland trip.


Truly admired for its beauty and adversity, France is a perfect getaway for solo or couple backpackers. Of course, who would miss out the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris? Couples have been dreaming of taking photos and making memories while traveling here. Dine at its nearest restaurants that offer authentic French dishes such as croissant, crepe, macarons, baguette, and many others. Sweethearts should not miss the Love Lock Bridge. Both must have a love padlock with their names written on it and both must lock it in the bridge. Its keys are then thrown away to signify an unbreakable love.


When Greece is mentioned, Santorini always comes to mind to any tourist. For the most part, it is considered the most spectacular place to visit and relax in Europe, especially for couples. The magnificent landscape and comfortable atmosphere of the beach contributes to the warm feeling in the place.

But, there is more to Greece than this gorgeous island. The Acropolis, for instance, is a remarkable archaeological that would surely delight history enthusiasts. Also, you can roam around Greece’s tourist attractions, and make friends with locals and other tourists as well. Feed your hungry stomachs with the local food after your long tour, and stay in some of the most beautiful traditional Greek hotels the country has to offer.


Great food is what most locals offer to tourists in this country. With over 3,000 shops, the Spice and the Grand Bazaar are top stopovers for shoppers taking an overland trip in this country. Planning to buy souvenir items? You will definitely have a hard time choosing for the best because all things are colorful and really unique. The Blue Mosque stands beautifully and accepts tourists, but women are strictly required to wear a scarf over their head. Do you have a pet cat? Istanbul is popular for its kindness to stray cats because they are freely given by locals some water, food, and pillows so that cats can sleep comfortably. How thoughtful! If you fancy some luxury on your journey then Turkey is just the place for a luxury break on your trip. You can apply for Turkey e visa before going to speed up time at immigration as well.


Spain’s capital, Madrid, is the home of Palacio Real, where state ceremonies are usually held. Audio tours and tour guides are offered to tourists visiting the place. It is your choice, but it is better to really hire a private guide than just listening to the audio.

For beach and party goers, Ibiza is on top of the list. It is a popular beach party destination, especially for many celebrities. Enjoy its breathtaking shorelines, finest restaurants, and pleasurable water sports. Ibiza is undeniably alive during the night.


Who doesn’t drink beer these days? Germany is one of the top producers of the finest beers in the world. Oktoberfest, which basically starts mid-September, is the 16-day grandest festival of the year. Of course, the main feature is beer. People flock on the streets party all night by drinking their favorite alcoholic drinks. Furthermore, beach lovers must experience and swim in nude beaches in Germany. After all, public nudity is not a big deal for Germans. Tourists are highly encouraged to visit nude beaches and have fun. Germans love to swim and sunbathe without anything to wear. How about you? Would you like to try it?