Taking The Hog South Of The Border: When Is The Best Time To Visit Acapulco?

Dry season is the best time to visit Acapulco ...  Credit: Acapulco by CC user eneas on Flickr

The best time to visit Acapulco, Mexico is generally considered to be through the months of November to May. This is because the dry season occurs during this time, allowing visitors to enjoy themselves as they partake of this seaside city’s many attractions and exciting activities.

Also, it is important for tourists to know two things – that Acapulco which is highly famous for its wonderful beaches, and that taking your bike down most of Mexico’s highways during daylight is perfectly safe, making Acapulco the perfect destination for a bike trip from the Southern United States.

Dry season is the best time to enjoy Acapulco’s beautiful beaches. The sunny days will encourage you to enjoy its waters, the temperatures during dry season are moderate, and rain rarely occurs. Acapulco’s low humidity during this time makes it more convenient to enjoy its many activities, making it a better time for tourists to visit.

However, these are the months where tourism is at its peak, which is why food and accommodations are quite expensive. Nonetheless, you can really enjoy all water activities such as various water adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving where you will see the various fauna of the waters and beautiful reefs off Acapulco.

These experiences will truly be enjoyed by families, especially the kids. Moreover, kayaking and paddling can also be done. Horseback riding is also a marvelous activity that can be undertaken here. As well, there are a lot of visitors to Acapulco resorts due to the fact that Acapulco has liquor limit age of eighteen, making it a choice destination for underage Americans that are looking to have a little underage fun.

Another reason why dry season is the best time to visit Acapulco is that tourists can enjoy various festivities that are held every year, such as the celebration of Acapulco’s patron, the Virgin of Guadalupe, a festival which happens every December 12. Both tourists and locals can enjoy the activities involved with the festivities such as street dancing, flower parades and street parties where the people gather to enjoy lively music and excellent local food.

Moreover, aside from the patron’s commemoration day, there is also an annual festivity known as Acapulco Carnival which is celebrated every February. Same with the aforementioned activities, people also gather in the streets to dance and party wearing traditional Mexican costumes. People also convene to enjoy sumptuous Mexican food and drinks. Tourists will really have a great time taking part in the wonderful activities that occur throughout the year in Acapulco Mexico.

On the other hand, if the tourists want to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region, then going between the months of June to October is the best time to visit Acapulco. These months are their wet season, making the vegetation become greener and more lush.

Ergo, they will enjoy exploring nature and its wildlife without the hassle of the sun’s heat. It is important to know that these are also the months where tourists are here in lesser numbers. This is why accommodations are cheaper, as well as why beaches are more deserted, making it easy to enjoy the view and the scenery with your family, friends and loved ones. The disadvantage though is that rainfall may happen at anytime. Tourists are advised to bring necessary rain protection to avoid being inconvenienced.